An update and some hot links

It’s been busy around these parts. We’ve been entertaining guests…

Travelling to far off lands…

Checking out weird art installations…

Celebrating birthdays and friends and n’import quoi

And picking up new hobbies…

Some days it feels like we found golden tickets. Other days, like when all of France shuts down because it’s the day before or after yet another statutory holiday, are still un peu difficile.

But all in all, it’s hard to complain…we really are so very lucky.

Here are some links that I think you should check out:

My über talented pal Kinnon Elliott was featured in not one, but TWO illustration magazines this month. She also has a new website which I think it’s pretty darn awesome.

Kinnon’s series, “Toronto’s My Home…and I’ll Be Here All Weekend Long”, is currently being exhibited at Celena’s Bakery in Toronto as a part of Art of the Danforth. I love this series. Last year, I picked up her Ceílí Cottage piece as a gift for my friend Sarah, although I kind of wish we had it hanging here in Lyon. Give the gifts you want for yourself, right?

Dan’s been writing rants. And learning how to touch type, because, you know, that’s what you do on sabbatical.

Claire‘s amazing (in the truest sense of the word) carrot cake was featured on Chocoladdict. Want a slice for yourself? Get thee to Cafe Mokxa! It is divine.

Another thing about sabbaticals is that you’re essentially made of time. And when you’re made of time, you take the time to make the most complicated, snooty coffee. In other words…fussy.

And lastly, I’ve been using the Habit List app to keep motivated to GTD. So far, so good!