By Request…The Biker Jacket

My friend Jill recently asked me for some suggestions on where she could find an affordable black leather biker-style jacket for spring. And since I’m still on a shopping hiatus, I jumped at the chance to go shopping for her! While leather or faux leather biker jackets are iconic enough to always be in style, it seems that they are especially on trend au moment. Tossing on some leather with metallic embellishments is a great way to add a bit of tough-girl vibe to a feminine outfit. Not to drag on this “when I lived in France” business, but…when I lived in France last year, I saw so many chic Parisian girls sporting pretty dresses with cropped leather biker jackets. For example:

Biker Jacket with Yellow Or this one via The Sartorialist:

Sartorialist Marina la Ronde

In Jill’s case, she’s looking to add some edge to her wardrobe without going over the top. Jill is tall and slim, which means that most styles would hit her above the hip and look more bolero than baller. She needs a jacket with sufficient length, but that still has that iconic cropped style. This challenge was a lot of fun for me. It even inspired me to rekindle my relationship with Pinterest (which was pretty much kaput due to it being overrun with ROBOTS).

Here are some of the best styles I pulled together, broken down into four categories: Affordable Faux, Mid-Range Real, Luxe, and Uber Luxe.

moto l-r uniqlo, soiakyo, all saints, and muubaa

Based on my research, Canadian brands Soïa & Kyo, Danier Leather, and Mackage have the best selection of colours and textures in their Spring 2013 collections. All Saints knows how to do leather and would be a worthy place to splurge on a classic moto jacket, with Muubaa out of the UK being the the ultimate in splurging.

I found a decent selection of affordable fake leather versions ranging from $29 to $69 from Forever 21, Uniqlo, and Piperlime. In my opinion this would be the best bet for Jill until she is ready to invest in a jacket that might be pricier, but will be a high quality legacy piece to add to her wardrobe.

To see the whole lot, if you’re so inclined, you can visit the Pinboard!

PS: I realize that in most parts of the world it’s unheard of to wear leather in late spring. But this is Canada. It snowed last week!

Images via pinterest (*please let me know if you know the source for this photo), the sartorialist, Uniqlo, Soïa & Kyo, All Saints, and Muubaa/ASOS